STAT CREW For Basketball is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use tool for capturing and reporting basketball statistics. Hundreds of teams and sports information offices across the country have chosen it as their total stats packages. News and sports media that receive its complete box scores within seconds after a game's end are amazed by it. No other courtside software is faster or easier to learn and use.

Let STAT CREW take your basketball statistics to state-of-the art.


With STAT CREW For Basketball, current stats are instantly available throughout the game, including full box scores at any time. Cumulative player and team reports can be printed immediately after a game. No other product can match the features of STAT CREW For Basketball, which include:

  • easy input of plays with minimum keystrokes
  • immediate updating as each play is entered
  • complete box scores printed at any time
  • full or modified play-by-play printouts
  • a running clock to automatically calculate playing times and to log the time of each play
  • data checks including balancing of missed shots vs. rebounds
  • complete user's guide and on-line help screens
  • fast, simple in-game play correction feature
  • a remarkably simple method of making player substitutions
  • create text files for word processing, fax, etc.
  • track individual career statistics
  • provides multiple views of statistics during a game for radio, TV, print media, etc. with Game Viewer
  • automatically generate HTML pages for your web site
  • compatible with TAS Live for displaying real-time stats on the Internet