What is StatCrew?

Real-time Official Game Stats and Play-by-play


Stat Crew Software is the official scoring software application for hundreds of teams and sports information offices around the county, for capturing and reporting statistics in nine sports. It includes official boxscore and play-by-play, as well as complete reports for game season, career and conference statistics. It includes optional live stats features for posting updated stats on the internet while you score the game. Schedule a demo with us today, to learn more about how Stat Crew can help you manage statistics for your team.

  • 1
    Automatic update of game stats
  • 2
    Includes a play-by-play narrative summary
  • 3
    Customize logos, user information frame
  • 4
    Auto-refresh of "live" Web stats


  • Live Stats

    Stat Crew products include several options for producing live stats while you are scoring the game. Use the HTML option in legacy and next gen, or the XML option in the legacy, next gen and Sync versions. Each version includes boxscore stats, play-by-play narrative, and summary pages of the event. Additional tailoring options are also available, depending on the version in use.

  • Cloud Data

    School cloud accounts are a safe and reliable way to backup stats data and share data securely with opponents, league office, national offices, webhosts, and other data feed recipients. Let us show you the simple process for archiving past data, and accessing current season schedules, rosters and stats. Schedule a review today.

Scoring Products


  • Available for all sports.
  • The most widely used in-game scoring software in collegiate sports, and also many professional and semi-pro venues
  • Score game play-by-play or enter boxscore postgame
  • Complete suite of Game Season, Career, Conference Reports
  • HTML and PDF packet of stats for your website or media.
  • Accurate, reliable, fast keystroke input.
  • Click HERE for important system requirements


Second Generation

  • Available for Basketball, Soccer/Field Hockey and Lacrosse.
  • Accommodates Windows 64-bit and mac OS
  • Introduces cloud concepts for data sharing and backup.
  • Reports for game and season for a team.
  • Click HERE for important system requirements