For Stat Crew software, please note that the legacy software will run natively on Windows 10 32-bit operating systems. As long as the operating system is 32-bit, you can install and run the software with no additional downloads required.

Please note, many campuses have site licenses that allow install of either 32-bit or 64-bit edition of Windows. We recommend contacting your IT support to see if the 32-bit operating system is an option on your campus. If so, you would not need virtualization software to run Stat Crew's Legacy software.

If you do need virtualization, it essentially means you are running a computer inside a computer. Your 64-bit operating system is the "host." On the "host," you will install virtualization software. This allows a 32-bit "guest" operating system to run inside the "host". The "guest" can be Windows 10 32-bit and will run as a fully functional, licensed version of Windows. In the virtual Windows 32-bit, you will have access to your computer's drives, installed programs, saved files, and perform other tasks, including running live stats (and Stat Crew's software).

There are many virtualization programs to choose from. Feel free to do research to determine which is best for your situation.