Conference Office

Frequently Asked Questions

A: In the Basketball Conference software there is an extra step required in order to import a BPK file (a basketball packed file). First, create a temporary folder (such as c:\temp) in which to save files sent by members. Note members should be sending the BPK file (click HERE for instructions on how to send the BPK file). Once the BPK attachments have been saved to this temporary location, open the Basketball Conference program. From the STATCREW Control Panel, select either Game Scoring or Utilities. At the next prompt, for an import directory name, type the name of the temporary location (c:\temp), press ENTER. The software will run a routine that will convert the BPK in this temporary location to a BXP file. Now select Utilities | File Maintenance | Import/Export | Import 'BXP'.

A: The conference office system does not have a "pack game" function which creates a BPK file. Game files created by the conference office through manual entry or imported into the conference office software as BXP files cannot be exported back to members. We recommend that you maintain an archive of incoming BPK files.

A: Three basic steps will set up a directory for a new season:
1. Create new directories for each season (such as \TASFBC\2007, \TASSOC\Men2007, etc.) Use the DOS Utilities in basketball, soccer, volleyball, ice-hockey and lacrosse. Use the Windows Utilities in football, baseball/softball, golf and tennis.
2. Create rosters, either by manually keying in or importing from members. The league can assign team ID's to each team, or teams can use the team ID they prefer. Teams should send rosters to the league office via email. The league office may require a naming format (such as LAST NAME, First Name) in order to create a uniform appearance in reports and web stats.
3. Mark teams as league teams, and set minimums for reports. To "mark" teams as league teams, in order to include them in the league stats, use Windows Conference Reports | Settings | Conference teams, and follow the prompts. For minimum settings, select Settings | Minimums from the Conference Reports window.

A: The legacy team software will export packed game files that can be emailed to conference office (or opponent) as soon as the game is completed. There is also a season-to-date rollup file that can be sent to conference office (or opponent) in the sports of baseball/softball, volleyball, soccer/field hockey, and lacrosse. The instructions for each sport, packed files or season-to-date files, are detailed in the following PDF files:

BASEBALL/SOFTBALL season-to-date file (.CAP)
BASKETBALL game file (.BPK)
FOOTBALL game file (.FPK)
GOLF game file (.XGG)
HOCKEY game file (.HPK)
LACROSSE game file (.CPK)
SOCCER game file (.SPK)
SOCCER season-to-date file
TENNIS game file (.XTG)
VOLLEYBALL game file (.VPK)
VOLLEYBALL season-to-date file