Real Time Stats Display

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Using our TASComms32 program (TC32), each STAT CREW SOFTWARE scoring product can display stats during the game on "data display terminals". The game stats are sent from TC32 to a single data terminal, or to a "splitter" that allows display on multiple terminals. This is done via a serial or "COM" port on the computer, and is not video output. Because it is serial output, standard RJ11/12 lines or cables can be used instead of the heavier "computer" or video cables. These lines can be run several hundred feet without any type of booster or amplifier. To use this feature, you will need the following:

  • a computer running Windows (95 through Vista) with an available serial port, or a USB port with a "USB to serial" cable
  • the current version of TC32 (this can be download for free from our web site at
  • a null modem cable to connect the computer's serial port to a data terminal or to a "splitter"
  • a line "splitter" if you wish to connect to multiple data terminals
  • RJ11/12 lines or cables (one per data terminal) with 25 pin adapters
  • data terminals for the stats display (these must be VT52, VT100, or WYSE 50 compatible)

Some of this hardware can be purchased directly from STAT CREW SOFTWARE. For more information or to place an order, go to, or contact us at 513-771-4192 or via e-mail at For information about purchasing data terminals, contact: Bill Couch - 901-486-2129 or at

StatBroadcast leases stat monitor hardware to universities and events for both event weeks and academic years, as well as provides a real-time display through web-enabled devices. For information visit, or contact them at either or 1-855-831-7230.

Another way to provide stats display is to use our Game Viewer product, which provides a more extensive presentation of real time stats during a game. Click HERE for more information.

A: For legacy Stat Crew Basketball software, the basketball scoreboard output in serial data format is contained in a file that is separate from the data for media monitors. Because of differences in the file formats, you need to run two sessions of TC32 if you are using both outputs at the same time.

Following are instructions for installing and running two sessions of TC32 on  one computer, one for basketball scoreboard, and one for media
monitors.  Keep in mind these instructions are only needed for basketball, and only needed if you are running both outputs from the same computer.

1) Install TC32 from your installation CD or from our downloads page.
2) Rename the folder "TC32" to some other name such as "TC32X".
3) Right click on the TC32 icon on your desktop and select Properties.
4) Change both the "start in" and "target" folder names to "TC32X".
5) Rename the TC32 shortcut on your desktop from "TC32" to "TC32X".
6) Now install TC32 again from the installation CD or downloads page.
You should now have 2 different icons on your desktop: TC32 & TC32X.

Set up one for scoreboard output, monitoring  \
and set up the other for media monitors, monitoring \comfile.