Printing Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Chances are that if you encounter this problem, you are probably trying to print from DOS. You should use the Windows Reports instead. Then if you cannot find the correct printer type, you should install the (Windows) driver for that printer.

A: All Windows Reports features in STAT CREW software include "tab stop in reports" option. Select Settings | Report Options and check the box for tab stops in reports.

A: You must have Adobe Acrobat Writer installed on the computer, which will provide a "printer" on the pick list named "Acrobat PDF Writer." Using the Windows Game (or Season) Reports, generate the desired report on screen, select the Print button on the report, select the Setup button, select the button for Specific Printer, and select Adobe PDFWriter from the drop-down list. You can then rename the file and save it for later attaching to e-mail.

A: Some printer drivers can cause an error in the STAT CREW Windows Reports programs when attempting to print. Symptoms that have been noted include: "Stack overflow" error message, "An error has occurred in your application" error message, or an erroneous value (usually a large number) appearing in the "number of copies" field on the print dialog window. These problems can be avoided by using our TasFonts tool to print the report. TasFonts can be downloaded from our web site at For instructions on how to use this tool, refer to the following PDF file: Printing Using TasFonts.