Roster/Uniform Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

A:The easiest tool for finding a play where you need to correct a uniform number is the Find function on the team roster displays. To use it, select Visitor Roster or Home Roster from the Game Setup menu (or press ALT+V or ALT+H from the Play Input screen. ) Move the cursor to a player in the list and press the question mark (?) key. A list showing all the plays in the game in which that player was involved is displayed. From here, you can move to a row in the list and press Enter to edit that play, or note the play for later reference.

A: On the roster reconcile screen you will see your master roster on the right hand side, and the roster that was used in the game on the left hand side. The names are matched up on the same line, based on uniform number. If there was a discrepancy in their spelling, the line will be blue highlighted (or "marked" if you use the DOS Utilities). If you unmark the highlighted line, then the name in the game file will not be replaced. If you leave the name highlighted, the software will replace that name with the corresponding name in the master roster.

A: If the name is now spelled correctly on your master roster, and the player has not changed uniform numbers during the season, the easiest solution may be to export and then re-import each game. When the "reconcile" screen comes up, it will show the misspelling on the left, and it should be pointing to the correct spelling on the right. Leave this line highlighted, or marked, to make the correction in the game file. The season stats should then pull together properly after you have re-imported the problem games. Or you can load each individual game and change roster spellings.

A: No, you do not need to add a player to your roster with uniform number "TM" and player name "TEAM". The software will handle this for you. In the sport of basketball, "TEAM" will not show on your roster, but it will display on your boxscore (and will be included in the game XML), and will include team rebounds and turnovers entered during the game. In all the other sports, the player "TM TEAM" will be added to the roster when you create a new roster at the start of the season. This uniform "number" is used for various team stats, such as a team rush in football, empty net in ice hockey, or a team save in soccer.