Sending XML Files

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The NCAA Media Coordination and Statistics office is tracking game duration as much as possible during the 2014-15 campaign. Users may input game duration after the game through either Stat Crew Legacy or Next Generation. It does not appear in printed reports.

Please review the notes below or download the instructions for inputting Game Duration

Stat Crew has produced a brief tutorial video. Use the link provided to go to Stat Crew on YouTube.

LEGACY Stat Crew System for Basketball
(versions 4.15 and 4.16)

Go to: Game Reports|Settings|Game duration
-Start time, End time, and Duration fields are designed for HH:MM.
-Neither a leading zero (02:02), nor AM/PM abbreviations are required.
-After pressing OK, the data is saved in the game's XML file.

NEXT GENERATION Stat Crew System for Basketball
Go to: Game|Properties|Wrap Up
-Total Time field is designed for H:MM. A leading zero (0) is not required.
-After pressing Save, the data is saved in the game's XML file.

A: Version "x.3" and later of STAT CREW SOFTWARE products support XML reporting to the NCAA for the following:

  • Football game-day reporting
  • End-year team reporting for team/individual statistics, game results, attendance
  • Conference reporting for team/individual leaders, RPI questionnaire, trend reports, single-game highs
  • Single-game XML file

In order to create XML files, you must be using at least version "x.3" or later of the scoring software. We suggest that you also download the most recent update for the sport in question from our web site, at The end-year XML option for a school for all sports can be found in each sport's Windows Season Reports | Cumes (or Stats) | XML Output. For conferences, the XML option can be found in each sport's Windows Conference Reports | Conference | NCAA Reports | XML Team Reports. The single game XML option for football, basketball, baseball/softball, and ice hockey can be found in each sport's Windows Game Reports | Reports | XML Output.

For more information, refer to the following PDF files:
Generating season XML output for a single team
Generating conference XML output
Generating game XML output for a single team
Sending electronic weekly reporting summary to the NCAA (this links to NCAA instructions)