Ordering, Installation

Frequently Asked Questions

A: To place an order, visit our online store at http://statcrew.cbssports.com/store/

*For assistance with the online store, or to request invoice for check order, please call the office

Stat Crew Software Inc.
8721 Colerain Avenue
Box 531520
Cincinnati OH 45253
Phone: 513-771-4195
Email: order@statcrew.com

A: Pre-payment is required, either check or credit card (we cannot release software from a school purchase order). We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Note, due to PCI compliance requirements, we cannot take credit card information by phone, email, fax, and note, there are no refunds on software orders.

A: All software is downloadable, and will be available for download as soon as the order is paid. For check payments, we will send information for logging in to your cloud site once the payment arrives.

A: Yes, the legacy and NextGen versions include venue settings for high school.

A: We do not have demonstrations or 30-day trial versions of our products.  We do offer a tutorial video series. Check Stat Crew's YouTube Channel for more information.

A: The license and XML activation for live stats runs July-July of each year, and is renewable online. Legacy software from previous years can be used, but not for live stats with XML.

A: No. We recommend making a backup of your data before installing.

A: The serial number is located on the receipt that is emailed after the order is paid, and is also on the Account page at the store site. If you do not have the number, call or email us in the office.

A: The license agreement indicates "You may install and use the software on two computers at the same time." By this statement, we intend that the software can be installed and running on no more than two computers at any one time. Therefore, you could have the software installed on more than two computers, as long as no more than two are running the software at any one time. If more than two instances of the program need to be running at one time (multi-field tournament in baseball or soccer, for example) then additional installations can be purchased. The intent, and the spirit of the license agreement is to ensure the licensed organization maintains control of the license, and the software is used for the purpose of that organization only.