Stat Crew products include several options for producing live stats while you are scoring the game. Use the HTML option in legacy and next gen, or the XML option in legacy and next gen. Each version includes boxscore stats, play-by-play narrative, and summary pages of the event. Additional tailoring options are also available, depending on the version in use.

Stat Crew scoring programs also include a live stats local copy option, so either the HTML or XML can be copied to local folder for use with media stats display tools, scoreboards, etc. Requirements vary, depending on the Stat Crew version in use.

Live stats require internet connection, and FTP server where the stats are posted. We provide assistance with setup and testing of your HTML or XML live stats. We do not host the live stats on our servers.

  • XML for live stats requires the current version of the software (legacy, next gen)
  • For next gen XML, enter FTP settings and schedule in your cloud, and activate live stats in the scoring app. Stats will auto-update as you input plays.
  • For legacy XML, enter FTP settings and activate live stats in Game Reports.

  • Legacy HTML for live stats requires legacy version X.2 or higher, and requires the TASFTP software for updating live HTML stats. The legacy HTML includes:
    • play-by-play narrative,
    • customized colors, logos, sponsor text
  • Next gen HTML includes user-controlled URL for easy sharing, and archived stats in your cloud location.
  • Schedule a review of your live stats setup today!
  • Are you building your own interface for the XML? Contact us for data samples and definitions.

TASFTP user guides can be found here:
TASFTP software can be found here: