General File Management

Frequently Asked Questions

A: There is a "rearrange game list" function, in both Windows Utilities and DOS Utilities, in all STAT CREW products. In DOS, select Utilities | File Maintenance | Rearrange Games List and follow the prompts at bottom of screen. In Windows Utilities, Select the Utilities button | Rearrange Games List. Select your team when prompted with "Teams" List (do not select "All Games").

A: The most common use of import/export is to copy one or more individual game files from one computer to another; for example, to export a game from the laptop where you scored a game onto a desktop computer in your office that serves as the "master" database for your season. You could "export" one or more games from your laptop onto a CD or flash drive, and then "import" the game(s) from the CD or flash drive onto your other computer.

A: Use the pack /unpack function when emailing the game files, either to an opponent, your league office, another staff member, or when providing the opponent with the game file using a flash drive, etc. Instructions for sending the "packed" file in each sport are found at the following links:
BASEBALL/SOFTBALL season-to-date file (.CAP)
BASKETBALL game file (.BPK)
FOOTBALL game file (.FPK)
HOCKEY game file (.HPK)
LACROSSE game file (.CPK)
SOCCER game file (.SPK)
SOCCER game file (.SGM)
SOCCER season-to-date file
VOLLEYBALL game file (.VPK)
VOLLEYBALL game file (.VGM)
VOLLEYBALL season-to-date file

A: This error message usually indicates that the file has been modified or corrupted, usually during the e-mail process. The sender of the game file should resend the file, only after having done one of the following:
1) Mark the attachment settings option in their e-mail software so that the attachment format is "as is" or "binary".
2) Send a "packed" game file. This type of file can be created for the game using the Utilities | File Maintenance function in either the Windows or DOS Utilities program.
3) Send a "zipped" game file. This type of file can be created using our TASZIP tool or any other file compression tool such as WINZIP or PKZIP. Click HERE to download TASZIP from our website.

A: Use the backup games directory function to routinely backup a complete set of your game files onto a CD or flash drive. If you were to experience a computer failure and lose all of your game files, you could then simply restore them from the CD or flash drive, instead of the more painful method of having to reenter all of your games manually. Our TASZIP program gives you an alternative way to backup your files in a compressed (zip) format. The backup/restore function can also be used to duplicate a complete games directory from one computer to another. Do not use the backup function just to copy one or a few game from your scoring computer over to antoher computer - use import/export instead.

A: TASZIP is a “zip/unzip” (file compression tool to use with STAT CREW software scoring products).
Key features include:
• Faster and smaller backup restore of games directories
• Especially useful for larger games directory backups that might otherwise require more than one CD (for example, backups of baseball/softball or conference/league directories).
• Preview HTML files (prior to posting them to your website)
• Zip/Unzip files are compatible with PKZIP, WINZIP, NETZIP
• Email “zipped” roster and game files over the internet
Click HERE to download TASZIP from our website.
To install TASZIP from a CD:
• Select TASZIP from the installer menu
To run TASZIP:
• Select Start | Programs | TASZIP | TASZIP to start the program; or
• Click on STAT CREW Control Panel from your Windows desktop; select Tools; then select TASZIP. To display or print the User Guide, select Start | Programs | TASZIP | User Guide (in PDF format—this document requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to display or print the document).

A: In the DOS Utilities program, select "Directory search" to hunt down games directories -- key in the drive that you want to search to display a list of candidate games directories that were found. You can press Enter to select a particular directory.

A: Using the Utilities function (Windows or DOS) found in the software for each sport, select the Backup feature to save all files from a season (directory) onto a blank CD, network drive, flash drive, etc. Note that you must first select the directory because the software backs up only the "current" directory you are in. When the computer has been rebuilt and is ready to be used again, install the appropriate STAT CREW package, and then use Utilities again to create each directory and to restore the files. From the Windows Utilities, select "Utilities | Create Directory" to make the directory, and then "Utilities | Restore games directory" to restore the season. Another way to save and restore each season is to use our TASZIP tool or any other file compression tool such as PKZIP or WINZIP, to create a single "zip" file which contains all files from the selected directory. Then use the same tool to restore the files onto the rebuilt computer. Click HERE to download TASZIP from our website.

A: For the scoring programs in football, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey the easiest tool for finding a play where you need to correct a uniform number is the Find function on the team roster displays. To use it, select Visitor Roster or Home Roster from the Game Setup menu, or press ALT V or ALT H from the Play Input screen. Move the cursor to a player in the list and press the question mark (?) key. A list showing all the plays in the game in which that player was involved is displayed. From here, you can move to a row in the list and press Enter to edit that play, or note the play for later reference.