FAQs: Baseball/Softball

Q: The earned runs column total for my team does not match the sum of each individual pitcher's earned runs.

A: This is a expected result if you scored any runs as "team unearned runs" during the season. A "team unearned run" is considered as earned for the individual pitcher but unearned for the team, thus causing the imbalance. You can run the Team game-by-game report and look for periods (.) in the ER column to quickly identify where you scored at least one run as "team unearned."

Q: How do you place a runner on second base to begin an international tiebreaker rule inning? The rule states the pitcher is not charged with a run if the runner placed on second scores. How do you handle this situation in TAS?

A: To place a runner on 2nd base to start the extra inning(s), enter R:#,b where # represents the spot in the lineup of the runner to be placed on base (not the defensive position or uniform number), and b represents the base number. For example, R:7,2 would place batter number 7 on second base. Then continue scoring the inning as usual.
Regarding the scoring for the international tiebreaker, if this runner scores, the run is automatically scored as team unearned by TASBS, so the run does not affect the pitcher's earned run average. There are no other ramifications to this pitcher's ERA by scoring the play this way, so we suggest letting the software handle it (taking the pitcher out of the game for that runner will affect complete game stats, etc.).

Q: Our conference plays double headers, in which each team is the "home" team for one game. Is there a way that the software will allow us to input a game where we are the home team on the scoresheet, but the game counts as an "away" game on our record?

A: Select Game Setup | Game Info and set the Neutral Site field To H. This will indicate to the software that the game is to be considered a "home" game for the visitors for the purpose of won-lost records. For example, if you host a tournament at your field and your team bats as the visitors, you can enter H in the Neutral Site field to force the software to count this as a home game in your won-lost record. Refer to the User Guide Index, under "neutral site" for more information.

Q: How do I change a switch hitter batter profile when he comes to the plate? For instance he bats right one time and left the next?

A: On the roster entry, in the batter profile field, enter B (for "both") (instead of L or R) to indicate a switch-hitter. The software then assumes the batter always bats left vs right-handed pitchers and vice versa -- for the entire game -- this cannot be overridden on an at-bat by at-bat basis.

Q: There is a lot of data in the baseball reports that I don't understand. Can I get some type of legend so I can understand it better?

GP-GS Games played-games started
AB At bats
R Runs
H Hits
2B Doubles
3B Triples
HR Home Runs
RBI Runs Batted In
TB Total Bases
SLG% Slug Percentage
BB Base on Balls (walk)
HBP Hit By Pitch
SO Strike out
GDP Ground into Double Play
OB% On Base percentage
SF Sacrifice Fly
SH Sacrifice Hit
SB-ATT Stolen Base-Attempts
PO Put out
A Assist
E Error
FLD% Fielding Percentage

ERA Earned Run Average
W-L Win-Loss
APP Appearances
GS Games Started
CG Complete Game
SHO/CBO Shutout/Combined Shutout
SV Save
IP Innings Pitched
H Hits
R Runs
ER Earned Runs
BB Base on Balls (walk)
SO Strike out
2B Doubles
3B Triples
HR Home Runs
AB At-bats
B/Avg Batting Average against
WP Wild Pitch
HPB Hit by Pitch
BK Balk
SFA Sacrifice Fly Allowed
SHA Sacrifice Hit Allowed

C Chances
PO Put Out
A Assist
E Error
FLD% Fielding Percentage
DP Double Plays turned
SBA Stolen Base Against
CSB Caught Stealing By
SBA% Stolen Base Against Percentage
PB Passed Ball
CI Catcher's Interference

Q: How do I enter forfeit in TAS Baseball/Softball?

A: For a game that has already been played, load the game, select Scoresheet | Game Wrapup. For the team that will win by forfeit, enter either FORF-V or FORF-H in the game duration field. The FORF-V or FORF-H must be in upper case. Save the game.
For a game that will not be played, select File | New boxscore to start a new game. Enter game info and select the visiting and home teams. Select Main | Scoresheet | Inning-by-Inning. Enter zero's (for example, 9-0 or 7-0) in the 1st inning for both visitor and home team. Select Wrap-up game. In the Game Duration field, enter either FORF-V or FORF-H for the team that will win by forfeit.

Q: How do I set up scoreboard interface for TAS Baseball/Softball?

A: For Scoreboard output in serial data format, the TASBS program is the only program that requires an additional module be installed on the scoring computer. This module is located on your original installation CD, and it is also available from our website. Use your serial number for your current scoring program in order to access the proper scoreboard module from our website. Once the module is installed, our serial data communications tool, TASCOMM32 (TC32), can be configured to send the scoreboard data to your scoreboard. Go to for the TC32 tool and setup instructions for scoreboard output.

Q: I think TAS Baseball is giving an earned run to the wrong pitcher. We had a pitcher Smith start the inning, then was relieved by Jones. Jones walked the first batter he faced, then this batter/runner eventually scored, and the computer is giving the run to the previous pitcher Smith... Why?

A: The software is properly interpreting the NCAA Baseball Rules -- Section 22 (Earned Run) which states:
e. When pitchers are changed during an inning, the relief pitcher shall not be charged with any run (earned or unearned) scored by a runner who reaches base on a fielder's choice that puts out a runner left on base by a preceding pitcher.
Note: The intent of this rule is to charge each pitcher with the number of runners he put on base, rather than the individual runners. When there's a fielders choice in an inning, you basically "rotate" the responsible pitcher backwards among the players not thrown out on the play.

Q: How do I import and save a CAP file from an opponent?

A:After you receive the CAP file from opponent, import the CAP files in your games directory. Note the CAP file teamID must match the teamID used in the game rosters for each team in the game. If not, you need to change roster teamID for opponent--see the CAP file instruction sheet here:

For in-game updating, load the game in the DOS scoring program, select Statistics | Load Stat Files from the Main Menu. When the game is over and Game Wrapup complete, select Statistics | Post Stat Files, to add the game stats to season stats in the CAP files. The CAP files are now ready to be used for the next game of a double-header for example.

For CAP file data to show on Game boxscore, open Game Reports | Settings | Load Stat Files, and follow prompts to load the CAP files for your team and opponent.

To run season stats on the opponent using their CAP file, open Season Reports | Settings | Report Options, and enable "Use statEdit Data". Then select their teamID from Teams List button and run the report. The software will run reports based on the CAP file.

Make sure you disable the StatEdit option when running reports for your team.