FAQs: Volleyball

Q: I have a player who, according to our cumulative and game-by-game reports, has one game played, but no other stats. However, she has never played in a game this season, and she does not appear on any game reports. How do I correct this?

The player's uniform number was probably inadvertently entered on a play in the match that appears in the game-by-game report. To find this error, load the match in In-game scoring, select Match setup | Participation to see if her name is marked as having played in the match. If it is, you can perform a search to find the play. At the Participation screen, scroll to the name of player in question, press Shift ? to find the plays for this player. Make the necessary correction in the play editor to remove the player from the play-by-play. Use the individual game-by-game to indentify the match.

Q: How do I enter a forfeit in TAS For Volleyball?

Follow these steps:
1) Run the Manual Entry feature.
2) Use Match Setup to select the teams and enter match Info.
3) On the Match Info screen, enter the word FORFEIT in the Record field for the losing team.
4) Select Scoresheet | Line score and enter the line score for the forfeited match in accordance with your league rules.
5) Save the match.
This information can also be found in the User Guide; refer to "forfeit" in the index.

Q: What will I need to do with the TAS For Volleyball now that the NCAA has modified their rules to best 3-out-of-5 to 25 points and all games are rally with the fifth game to 15?

At the start of the match, in the Scoresheet function, select Game Control | Rally and set Rally to Yes. The rally scoring function will be in effect in this match until you turn it off. No additional steps are needed regarding the 25 point game. Select Game Control | Game Number to start new game after a 25 point game is completed.

Q: How does TAS For Volleyball handle the libero position?

The libero player is subbed in at the start of each game, and therefore gets credit for a game played but not started. The libero stats are then kept in the same way as any other. Beginning with version 3.4, the software includes an option so that you are prompted for the libero uniform number after entering the six starters.

Q: We hosted a tournament, but we were listed as the visiting team on the scoreboard. Is there any way we can count this match as a home match, or do we have to re-key it?

Beginning with version 3.8, the software has an option to allow you to treat the home team as visitor for purposes of home-away won-loss record. To do this, load the game, select Match Setup | Match Info, and for the field named Neutral Site, enter H. Save the change.

Q: Can we get the stats for individual players to appear on our scoreboard that displays kills and aces?

An option was added in version 3.4 to allow the on-court players' stats to be displayed on the scoreboard.
To do this, set the following options in the scoring program:
1) Remote Display | Terminal Type -- set to Daktronics (or scoreboard)
2) Options | Full subs -- enter Y to enable full substitutions entry.
While scoring the match make sure to manage substitutions using:
1) Game control | Subs -- enter uniform numbers for players coming in and going out
2) Game control | On court -- reset players on court (if needed).