FAQs: Soccer

Q: We entered our first two women's soccer games using TAS For Soccer Version 1.3. In each we used just one goalkeeper; however one of our other goalkeepers keeps appearing as having participated in the game. This doesn't show up on the Windows report, but she is listed in the cumulative statistics even though she hasn't played a game.

A fix for this issue is on this web site along with some notes on how to patch up prior games. This issue only affects Version 1.3. Go to the Downloads page on our website; you will need your serial number and registration code for this version.

Q: The Season Report does not have correct starts for goalkeepers even though it is correct in individual games. What can I do?

For starts to show up for goalkeepers, check the following: Manual entry | Scoresheet | Game Starters, and make sure the position of G or GK is entered for the goalkeeper on each team.

Q: How do you enter a conference tournament championship game that ended in a 0-0 tie, but was decided by penalty kicks resulting in a final score of 6-5? If I enter the contest as 0-0 and put it in the game notes, it still reflects a tie. If I add the overtime periods and goals, the game score becomes 6-5, when the actual score should be 0-0.

The game is officially a tie (just leave the score at 0-0). None of the shootout shots count toward stats, so no shot attempts should be entered on the Play Input screen. The shootout is only used to decide which team will advance in the playoffs. You will probably want to describe the shootout results in the game notes so they appear on the box score, and maybe add some comments to the play-by-play.
When scoring the game live:
Select Game control | Period and enter S to indicate the start of the shootout period
Press Z for each shootout attempt and enter a result of Y for good, or N for missed.
Because you do not want to increment the linescore, do not add the Z again, with a result of G for the game-winning goal. No goals or shot statistics are credited on shootout attempts. The shootout results will display at the bottom of the Windows boxscore. In Manual entry, leave the score tied, and add information about the shoot-out in game notes.